Thursday, April 13, 2017

7th Annual (recurring) DREAMS

BPBS Arts and Media Presents:
The 7th Annual Production of (recurring) DREAMS

Saturday, September 16th
@ The Sanctuary in Arcata, California
All Ages
7pm Sharp

Opossum Suntrail...  performing "Sunshine Through The Rain"
TBA ... performing "The Peach Orchard"
Ghoul Hand...  performing "The Blizzard"
Die Geister Beschworen...  "The Tunnel"
TBA...  performing "Crows"
TBA...  performing "Mount Fuji in Red"
TBA...  performing "The Weeping Demon"
TBA...  performing "Village of the Watermills"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Die Geister Beschwören VS Helena Espvall

Die Geister Beschwören and Helena Espvall met in 2015 on a small Danish island...
Both acts were scheduled to perform at the Fanø Free Folk Festival and their mutual appreciation for one another led to this collaboration. Tandem Tapes, a boutique label based out of Jakarta, Indonesia kindly offered to release the collective material as a split cassette.  Enjoy!

Migrations - Die Geister Beschwören