Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BPBS Arts and Media headed to Cuba!

Here we go!  The BPBS Arts and Media crew is heading to Havana!  (...And onward to Santiago de Cuba.)  For the next five weeks we will be mostly off the grid.  But we'll try and post updates, pics and footage when possible.  Thank you again to the folks who came out for our presentations in Arcata and Portland.  We are eternally grateful for your love and support.  If you would like to you contribute to our upcoming documentary on Carnival in Cuba, please take a look at the link below, which will direct you to our Go Fund Me campaign...  Alright, wish us luck!
Shine Bright.

The following featurette serves as an extended trailer for a larger body of work we are currently compiling.  We played this short film at our recent presentations.  Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kind Words about Die Geister Beschwören!

This Ball of Wax #48 compilation release party features a rare appearance by the Arcata, California/Portland group Die Geister Beschworen, led by Oryan Peterson-Jones. Local scene vets may remember him from his mid-’00s psych- and post-rock bands Datura Blues and Beast, Please Be Still (they are still active, but now mostly based in Portland). Enough history; let’s discuss DGB’s engrossing music. On their well-stocked Bandcamp, you can find exceptional works like 2015’s Music Feeds Stars, a suite of outward-bound folk-rock that harks back to those early-’00s Weird America (™ The Wire magazine) days. Alternately dense and diaphanous, these songs seed pastoral tropes with strange aural flora and fauna. This year’s “The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore”—on a split release with Espers’ Helena Espvall—is a disorienting studio dream marked by children singing “Happy Birthday” amid a menacing, industrial-folk panorama.
DAVE SEGAL, The Stranger
"Despite their name, Die Geister Beschwören appears to hail from greater Cascadia, from parts of Oregon and Northern California. And despite adopting a spectral name in German, their contribution to Ball of Wax 48 is in Spanish. “Cerro de la Muerte,” translating to “Hill of the Dead,” is a brief, feverish, Lynchian dream of a Mississippi blues song that serves as more interlude than fully-formed song. It’s evocative and atmospheric, like if “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance was somehow dropped into El Topo.  See if Die Geister Beschwören can recreate their dusty magick live on June 3rd at the Ball of Wax 48 Release show at Conor Byrne..."

Monday, May 29, 2017

Radio interview with Oryan Peterson-Jones

In an interview with Bob Doran for The Hum, Oryan Peterson-Jones discusses the history of Datura Blues, Die Geister Beschwören and his background as an ethnomusicologist...  This piece was produced for KMUD and aired on the Monday Morning Magazine show (05/29/2017)

Listen to the interview here!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

7th Annual (recurring) DREAMS

BPBS Arts and Media Presents:
The 7th Annual Production of (recurring) DREAMS

Saturday, September 16th
@ The Sanctuary in Arcata, California
All Ages
7pm Sharp

(Assigned scenes are subject to change.)

Opossum Suntrail...  performing "Sunshine Through The Rain"
Five Minutes Alone... performing "The Peach Orchard"
Ghoul Hand...  performing "The Blizzard"
Die Geister Beschwören...  "The Tunnel"
The Gritty Kitties...  "Crows"
Kit Lamb...  performing "Mount Fuji in Red"
Deep Dark Light...  performing "The Weeping Demon"
Crowey...  performing "Village of the Watermills"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Die Geister Beschwören VS Helena Espvall

Die Geister Beschwören and Helena Espvall met in 2015 on a small Danish island...
Both acts were scheduled to perform at the Fanø Free Folk Festival and their mutual appreciation for one another led to this collaboration. Tandem Tapes, a boutique label based out of Jakarta, Indonesia kindly offered to release the collective material as a split cassette.  Enjoy!